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Why "Eclipsi"? Several reasons. A lot of things have fascinated me since I was a little kid. A few have determined my personality and who I am. Three things have caught my attention predominantly: Languages, People, and the Universe. More...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Liza and Manny's Wedding: The Clock is Ticking...

Liza and Manny will be getting married this coming Saturday 26th!. They will have their wedding Ceremony and Reception in a beautiful place called: Reflections at the Buttes. These pictures were taken during their Engagement Session in February, Can you tell how much they are in love?, isn't it obvious?...Yep! they are!! No doubt! They share this special bond hard to explain, it does seem like they are made for each other...Liza sent me the cover of the DVD She made for her invitation and I thought I definitely wanted to share it here. The design caught my attention because I thought it clearly defined their personality as a couple. She chose pink: Not baby pink, Deep pink, passionate and sweet. Him, black: interesting and uncomplicated. Two different colors, a glamorous contrast, then, a touch of elegance right on the center resembling round traces which transmit closenes, bonding. Their relationship was summarized in very simple and uncomplicated terms: "One Love".

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