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Why "Eclipsi"? Several reasons. A lot of things have fascinated me since I was a little kid. A few have determined my personality and who I am. Three things have caught my attention predominantly: Languages, People, and the Universe. More...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lucero and the Mariachi Conference




Last Friday, April the 25th, something amazing happened! I got way too close to my Country, my Mexico, my roots, my culture, my folklore, my traditions, my music...ah!my music... all in one place!. The 2008 International Mariachi Conference took place at the Tucson Convention Center. This time: Lucero was the headline. I couldn't believe this event has been an ongoing presentation for the past 8 years and I had been missing it!!. You have to experience this feast of colors, instruments, voices, the dances, I mean, everything!. Let me tell you that I am sooo proud of having such a tremendous and rich cultural background. The mariachi music involves so much passion, so much feeling that it's hard to describe, just powerful, period. The folklorico dances were a beautiful display of colors and sincronized tapping that made my heart beat faster. So much talent, so many little kids with an incredible ability to play the instruments so flawlesly. Lucero: beautiful, enchanting..what else is new with Lucero...Anyways, here are a few pictures, make sure to double click on the Album to see a Full page display!! I have too many pictures and it was hard to decide which ones to post...Enjoy!!!

Double click on the Album to see a Full Page display!

Friday, April 25, 2008

'Till the End of Time...Liza and Manny..Watch a little video!

Liza and Manny's Wedding: The Clock is Ticking...

Liza and Manny will be getting married this coming Saturday 26th!. They will have their wedding Ceremony and Reception in a beautiful place called: Reflections at the Buttes. These pictures were taken during their Engagement Session in February, Can you tell how much they are in love?, isn't it obvious?...Yep! they are!! No doubt! They share this special bond hard to explain, it does seem like they are made for each other...Liza sent me the cover of the DVD She made for her invitation and I thought I definitely wanted to share it here. The design caught my attention because I thought it clearly defined their personality as a couple. She chose pink: Not baby pink, Deep pink, passionate and sweet. Him, black: interesting and uncomplicated. Two different colors, a glamorous contrast, then, a touch of elegance right on the center resembling round traces which transmit closenes, bonding. Their relationship was summarized in very simple and uncomplicated terms: "One Love".

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ely: My Icon...

Ely has been my icon for quite some time. I like her personality, the way she looks, her smile, her style, trendy but within the fine lines that make her unique. Ely I'm so happy to work with you!, I thank you for being part of this dream, this project and for being my friend!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cecy's Mystery

Cecy is a gorgeous girl, full of energy and spontaneous...I had the opportunity to have a studio and a off site picture session which turn out great!! I loved her smile and natural demeanor!. Cecy...you were great!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Andrea and Mike

Drea and Mike, just Save Room for all those incredible moments that are coming soon!, you guys make a GREAT couple!!. it was a pleasure being your wedding photographer!,

Their wedding took place this past April the 5th at the Santa Cruz Church located on 1220 S 6th Ave in Tucson, AZ. This is one of the most beautiful Churches in Tucson. There is an interior garden with a just as beautiful hallway. Andrea got ready at the Church with the help of her sister, her bridesmaids and of course her mom and dad who gave her their blessing before the holy mass began.

Meanwhile, Mike was waiting for the moment, talking to his best man, mother and father and greeting other family members and friends that accompanied them in this special day.

After mass, they took a well deserved break for about an hour and then we were ready for their one-on-one Picture Session. Initially, it was going to be at the Z Mansion but the Sun was pretty bright, so we decided to go to the Court House Building a couple of blocks from the Z Mansion. This building is located in Downtown and is considered a landmark in Tucson. We could not pick a better setting for the photo session. It was just perfect: the lighting, the scenery, and mostly, all that building just for us!. Drea and Mike just kept that aweseome smile and sense of humor the whole time, which is the perfect combination for excellent images. The expressions just came out so naturally!! I could see that glow in their faces and the way they looked at each other...it was so refreshing!

Then it was time for the group pictures with the Bridal party at the Z Mansion. Beautiful. We still had some sun on the fasade of this Historical Victorian style residence, but here in Tucson we always manage to save room for our beautiful sun. Can't live with it, and can't live without it. I must say that I just love it.
I really enjoyed seeing how much fun you guys had together! I strongly believe that having fun is one of the primary ingredients to reach happines. The group pictures came out awesome and then the party began! I hope you guys like this small video. It is a small recap of this incredible day...

Congratulations Again!!.

Weddings: Andrea & Mike Album

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can you resist Nature's Whim?

I couldn't. Last January I was doing the dishes in my kitchen and as I looked through the window I realized the Catalina Mountains had this deep orange color, almost red. For a moment I thought if it was possible that the city was on fire or something because they looked unusually orange!. I stepped outside just to find before my eyes an awesome display. I sat and admired in shock and awe The Nature's whim of the day. Cookie cutted clouds in oval shapes. Several of them. The sky had been handpainted in dark brown colors mixed with dark orange and dark yellow, It seemed as though if someone smudged oil paint over a canvas and created a new image of the sky, just because. I am personally fascinated with sunsets. Mostly Tucson's sunsets. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Why "Eclipsi"?
Several reasons. A lot of things have fascinated me since I was a little kid. A few have determined my personality and who I am. Three things have caught my attention predominantly: Languages, People, and the Universe.

My interest for the first comes from my father. He imbued the beauty of languages, cultures and hence diversity. I have a singular interest for Romance Languages, meaning the ones derived from Latin, such as Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish. (Interestingly, there is only one more Romance Language and that is Rumanian). But there is another language that sparked my mind: Greek. It was the very fist alphabet I saw after the Spanish one. My brother showed me the signs and I couldn’t believe there was another form of communication besides my own language. I must have been 5 years old. The Omega sign “Ω” caught immediately my attention and since then, I ‘adopted’ it as something that identifies me. I won’t deny that Spanish is my favorite language, but the fact that the etymology of a large number of its words comes from the Greek, makes me see that perfect bond between these two languages.

I am originally from Mexico City, one of the most mystic and beautiful cities in the world. (This statement is completely subjective). One cannot escape from being captivated by the magic it possesses.

Living in Mexico City, looking at the sky at night, I realized there were no stars, and often, no moon to see. So when I got to see a clear sky at night for the first time, I couldn’t get enough of it. I just fell in love right there and then. I thought I was so lucky to live in a planet, which during the day had so many forms and colors, and at night, the absence of these and the simplicity of a shadow and light made the most beautiful sight one could imagine. (Plato in his “Republic” refers the things that we perceive as real being actually just shadows on a wall.)

Latter on in my life, one night during a Lunar eclipse, (February 20th, 2008 to be precise), I realized that sometimes, we are a pure combination of light and shadows, and I don't mean it in any religious way. I mean to say that our expressions and our emotions, are like lights and shadows drawing our personality. One allows us to see the beauty of the other. Photography allows me to "draw" people's personality with images.Those two worlds. The contrast of a smile and an inquisitive look, a tear and a frown, a sweet look and a dominant one have to be captured. Both interesting, both enchanting, both revealing. That contrast is what I look for when I’m taking pictures: The eclipse in each individual...

Etymology of Eclipsi:

From the Latin: eclipsis — Greek. Ekleipsis.

From Jubolbenese Tongue: eclipsi.

Special thanks to Mike and my son Oscar for his contributions.