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Why "Eclipsi"? Several reasons. A lot of things have fascinated me since I was a little kid. A few have determined my personality and who I am. Three things have caught my attention predominantly: Languages, People, and the Universe. More...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Kids: Heidi and Evylynn, like night and day...can't decide which one I like the most!



Heidy and Evylynn are two little sisters that took my heart away since I met them. I have a particular curiosity for kids since I like to figure them out within the first 2 minutes I see them for the first time. Then, things get easier. I love to figure out if they are shy or just pretending to be, if they are unpredictable or if they'll show an expected behavior; or if they are what is called: a "trooper" or perhaps a princess that just came out of an enchanted castle tale...
Evylynn is the last one. She's delicate...and charming and ...just sweet!!... and the way she moves is a lovely display to look at...looking at the opposite side I saw Heidy. She fills you up with energy and is a real trooper. She likes adventure, challenge and action. I intrigues me how two sisters can be so different. I relate more to Heidy, but sometimes I wish I could slow down and move in slow motion like Evylynn does...like a princess. I enjoyed every bit of the photoshoot...being around kids is a wonderful experience, and they keep reminding me how important is to carefully look at the world through their eyes, yep, the same world that sometimes may seem too inconspicuous to us...

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