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Friday, March 5, 2010

Boudoir Photography (Tucson)

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What is boudoir?...The word itself means "Bedroom" in French, but in reality, it means way more than that. Boudoir Photography is a new trend that has been developing in the later years. It consists of a photo-session in which women, in my opinion, look gorgeous beyond the usual. Many brides choose to experience this kind of photography and prepare a small repertoire of this images as a present to their future husband on their wedding day. Other women choose boudoir as a surprise for Anniversaries or as Birthday present for their boyfriend. And other women explore Boudoir Photography as a mere form of expression. I am personally fascinated by beauty in women. I like to always emphasize the glow in her eyes, her anatomy and her nature.

I am not afraid of nudity, nor I see it as something inappropriate, much less indecent. For me, the concept of nudity or even implied nudity, is an artistic expression of ones self in full awareness of our existence and acceptance as a unique and gifted creature.

Whatever the motive is for anyone to consider boudoir photography, it is important to understand that this artistic perspective of portraiture is intended to be natural, feminine and simple. It doesn't have to do with one's definition of perfection, but with our spiritual, mental and physical connection to express in a different way... subtle, intimate and still elegant.


imaginacionphoto said...

Great Work and Awesome Image. Tu explicacion exquisita.

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