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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Salsa in Tucson: You haven't seen it all!...

So, Sahuaros, Desert, and what else is there in Tucson?... It's all how you look at it. We can complain olny about two things: that we don't have a beach, and during summer it gets a little too warm (I honestly love this weather and the blue sky 360 days a year). Tucson is a great place to live in. It may not have it all, but we have it within reach. The beach is just a few hours from here, either by heading to Mexico or to California. During winter, we have snow up in the Catalina Mountains just one hour away from the city; The Salt River up in Phoenix, Sky Diving 30 minutes from Downtown AND although we're not in Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Caribbean or near those places... yes, we have Salsa!!.

I am extremely excited to share with you a video that I did with so many cool shots I captured that night!. I wish I could have put them all but you can always check all the pictures later. The Host: Ritmos Latinos at the University of Arizona. This organization, as I say, at the U of A, promotes Latin music and dance to all its students as well as people like me who are not part of the Uni, but love Salsa. The event took place at the U of A Grand Ballroom and one of the Best Salsa Bands in Tucson: Salsarengue played for all of us some powerful Salsa and Merengue. People from all ages and nationalities gathered to enjoy the Ritmos Latinos' performace and of course to dance!. If I were to describe with a few words what happened that night, I would say that it was an awesome display of Beauty, Talent, Charm, Sensuality, and this one, I'm going to say it in spanish:Puro SABOR!! ... Check it out for yourself, because I'm sure, unless you were there, You haven't seen it all... and for those of you who live here in Tucson, see you next semester at the Ritmos Latinos!

Por Calíope

1 comment:

Rodolfo Arpia said...

Muy bueno, también me mareó pero la salsa marea no? así que todo bien.
Me encantó la canción de Marco Antonio!